Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Going into Heronbridge College

Some times when you start of thinking life couldn't get better, your parents rip it away from you. This happened to me when I started at Heronbridge College.

That morning I had been dreading, so much so that my body began shaking. I was hoping for the past three months that my parents were just play some sick and demented joke on me and that as I finished getting ready that they would call me and say 'Darren! Are you ready to walk to school!' as was my usual routine back in Fourways, but sadly no, they only called 'Darren! Are you ready for your first day at a private school?'. I could have said no, I should have said no but I had to be the idiot that said 'yes mom...'. And then the bus drive to the city on the insane...

We have all read books where the main character was all like 'Yea! This school is gonna be mine!' or we have read that J.K.Rowling thought of the entire set of characters for Harry Potter on a half an hour underground trip. This was not the case with me. I was scared, I was petrified. Who would be there that I knew? Kids from Bryandale? or ex-Fourways students? I got off the bus after an hour and a half of pure fear and a little daydreaming.

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